The Super Lucky Contest Results

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Does anyone care about the contest results?  I feel as though everyone kind of forgot there was even a contest...
Did you know that by participating eagerly in these contests, you will receive a star upon completion of a build?  Stars are super cool currency that Treydun provides and will have a cool shop you can trade goodies for.  These include player heads, get-out-of-jail cards, spawn eggs, and possible other underhanded tricks that everyone else will think you totally did not use any form of hacks.  

Anyway!  On to the results....

Lucky #1 Spot: You luckily got this place because everyone voted for you!
"Wow!" -Treydun

Luckily Landed in 2nd: Just one step too short
"You just can't trust Tommy :]" -PhoenixMax

Luckily 3 for 3:  You made the cut...  Here's some candy!
"cutesy style and nice building" -ThePufflepuff

Worthwhile Builds that were not so Lucky...
"This cricket is a lucky one!" -Mulan's Grandmother Fa

"Very cute Bunny" -PhoenixMax

"Personal Favorite!" -SodaPoppy

"Simple and great clover, I love it" -FidgetyAtom

Kudos to all the participants!  Hope you all try again on our next contest!  SodaPoppy should give you the details in the coming week!