Spring Contest Results!

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It's that time again, I know many of you guys have been awaiting the contest results and they are finally in!

We have 3 categories: Send me a flower: Build something dedicated to the beauty of Spring flowers, What is Spring really?: Build what Spring means to you, &  BEES!: Build something dedicated to the bees, they need it! There will also be one runner-up due to the limited amount of builds we have received. 

Enough of the jibber jabber, lets get into the results!

Send me a flower~

We have 2 players who have won this category; ConorYasss and Drizzt4291!

Conor won this category with his AWESOME Mother Nature statue (just in time for Mother's Day)

Drizzt also stole a spot in this category with his awesome assortment of flowers and a cute iron golem 

Next up is What is Spring Really?

There were also 2 winners for this category, SaphyPuppy and WanderingUnicorn!

SaphyPuppy wowed the judges with her collage of flowers and cute builds! aswell as an underground ant farm!

Wandering built what she believed Spring meant to her, the build was not only hilarious, but it was very detailed and accurate!

The third and final category was BEES!

There were not many bee builds , BUT there was a bee build that stood out and was very cute!

That build was MissAmerica27's build!

There was a ton of detail, the trees had apples with item frames, there were cute flowers and there were bees! Miss is out there to save the bees!

Finally, the runner-up for this contest is SodaPoppy with her awesome flower!

It looks amazing at night, this flower is really pretty!

I cannot wait for the next contest! A big thanks to everyone who participated, all of the builds were lovely!