Spring Contest 2016!

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Why hello there fellow BuildAtNight website member, we now have a new contest up for all to participate in. This time, it is the Spring contest!

Show off your beautiful ideas with builds, make sure they're as pretty as Spring flowers. 

Starts: 3/27/16 & Ends: 4/25/16

To get to this contest, type /t tp Flower, be sure to stand on a teleport pad, there is one at /Spawn!

The Categories

Send me a flower: Build something dedicated to the beauty of Spring flowers

* What is Spring really?: Build what Spring means to you!

*BEES!: Build something dedicated to the bees, they need it! (http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/26/world/un-bees-and-butterflies-report/)

Plots are 50x50 and as always, ask a staff member for a plot. If no staff members are on /ticket "may I have this plot please?" and stand in the plot!

Have a great Spring!