Ruffa Mah Feders Contest Results

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Thank you for all the participants; those who have finished a build and those who have attemped but did not complete due to other reasons.  

A reminder that contests are the only way to earn Stars at this point in time;  they are special currency provided only by Treydun and a player can acquire many special things from the one with (Owner) rank.  A player may request spawn eggs, player/mob heads, and some day hopefully, special edition Pop! Treydun and SMagicBaconS figures.

No categories were set for this contest; we have transitioned in the off-season for the oldie-but-goodie rank by skill and relevance to the theme.  This is also FidgetyAtom's contest which means her votes are far more important than any other judgment.

1st Placer: Prized Bird of the Overall "Ruffa Mah Feders" Contest


"love that scene :) Totally rocked this!" - FidgetyAtom

2nd Placer: Shot Down but Still Got Up


"Morbid xD. but clever" - FidgetyAtom


3rd Placer: Too Chill to Move to the Groove


"Cute little pudgy bird! I like it a lot" - FidgetyAtom

Runner Ups: You're worth mentioning so here.


"really was awesome, but more Disney than just Birdy" - FidgetyAtom


"It's funny looking!" - SodaPoppy

When's the next contest?  Who knows when, someone has to decide on something and remember; it is also off-season for players since all the school, life, work, or casual daydreaming.