Official Map Launched

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Its very late and I am very tired so forgive any typos. After much pressure from some people who assured me you guys would rather have the official map with limited plugin features I have released the official map. This map will be permanent for the long term.

As a result of this "rushed" release many things that are planned cannot be used such as the christmas contest world, the arenas world, normal worldguard regions, (We are using a substitue please watch the tutorial video HERE. Staff must.) The worst problem by far is that the nether is currently disabled. The planned cities for mayors are not set up for teleportation. Large area around spawn is protected but not plotted. Expect heavy changes in the near future, permissions will be sorted awesome features that were planned but arent available will be added and a community will be reborn.

For now I must sleep, but I leave you will a gift. The map you have been waiting for.

Please follow the rules. Have patience with this unstable time period when things will be changing and most of all HAVE FUN :D

Your fearless leader,