New Contest: Under The Sea~

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New Contest: Under The Sea!

Splash into the fun and create something unqiue! Build inside, around or destroy the fishbowl to make your build amazing!

There are 25 plots so there are MANY to go around!

To get here, type: /T Tp UnderTheSea

Plots are 51x50 so there is plenty of space for you to build your own special creation!

Try to think outside the tank and build something no one would even think of!

The rules of this contest are simple, create whatever you'd like

(as long as it is appropriate) and have fun!

To get a plot simply as a staff member if there is one online, if there is not type /ticket May I have this plot please? Make sure to stand in the plot!

Contest Starts: 9/2/15 and Ends: 9/25/15!