Feature Creatures! The Results!

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Thank you to all the participants who entered the Feature Creatures Contest!

 Quite a few builds were left unfinished and possibly forgotten; remember finishing a build still gets "stars".  Stars are the special currency available from contests and players may trade them in for a variety of spawn eggs, player and other block heads/hats, a special autograph and photo opportunity with Treydun, and other things one can just ask from Trey (if possible to grant, seriously tho, just ask Trey).  


Categories for this Contest are:

  • Beings of the Night (Players or Fearsome Creatures!)
  • I want to keep you (Builds too cute to ignore!)
  • Home Sweet Home (Builds with creatures and their homes!)


BEINGS OF THE NIGHT This category is related to the server's namesake, meaning anything from the usual denizens of the night to players who are nocturnally devoted or are strickened with some disease that makes them avoid social interactions with the real world.  



Both the player themselves and the mythical beast of never dying, the phoenix soars through all the judges' votes!  

The build itself is massive and demonstrated clearly why this went above and beyond all the other entries!



Another contender in the skies, KitsuneYuki's enderdragon showed much promise and reminds players that it exists to rule the End (remember to pay for its summons).


I WANT TO KEEP YOU Irresistable and Cute builds that dare to impress the judges; unfortunately incomplete builds just do not make the cut!  Only 1 barely stole the staff's hearts.



This probably should have went to the previous category; however, it does not fly... But its cute right? 


HOME SWEET HOME Ideally every creature needs a home; some place they feel comfortable in.  If you ever went to a Zoo or an Aquarium, you would know what I mean. 


Air superiority must be the key to winning anything; WizardBuilder's dragons wreck havoc and scorch the unsuspecting lands from above.  Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods? 





RUNNER UP Votes were in, strong contender but failed to bring it all in at the home stretch!


Medusa's gaze and appealing design and flare made it a choice; if it were only flying, it might beat the others by far.


End Note! 

These contests are here to take a break from the survival pain of earning ranks!  Please do not get discouraged, and strive to do better in the next contest!  If it helps this is how the categories are broken down (most cases, if you think its not the way.. well tell me, SodaPoppy, otherwise nothing will happen)!

First Category: Overall Theme!  This will, in most cases, stick close to the theme and will be looked at how builds relate to this theme.

Second Category: Technical Skill.  Involves some more creativity other than general theme, this is really the challenging area where dress to impress is the key!

Third Category: Can't get in on the first or second category?  This is the easiest to do and does not take in regards of level of skill.  But of course, execution is a must.

Special Category: Specially made for the contest; please read all the details!