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Extra Spoopy Halloween 2019 Contest!!

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 It's that Sp0opy Time of Year Again!  

Come join us and build in survival,

get that creativity flowing...

0r just participate for the great prizes!

 Visit the new Hall0ween Land 


/t tp spoopy

There will be three main categ0ries:

 M0st Scary

 Cutest Build

 Out of the B0x

Q. Is this your first BaN contest?

A. How to get a plot: Message a staff 0r Jcey directly in-game after you've found a plot.

Q. No one around?

A. Go to location, find a plot, stand in it and make a ticket, then type "/ticket I'd like this plot please." Be patient and wait for your plot. Contest deadline is November 1st, 2019.

Any other questi0ns, ask one of the staff or the old timers and we'll get you situated. G00d luck! Happy Building! 



Legacy now available on demand!

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We have added the Legacy server to the on demand server launcher system.


Currently you can access it by typing /server legacy

It takes a little over a minute to boot from a sleeping state.

You will be teleported to it automatically once it finishes loading.

You can also get to the creative world via /server creative




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The server has been updated to 1.14.3!

Please update your clients to match!


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