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Hello! Welcome to Buildatnight.com

If you are a user of Fishycraft you have found the right place. Buildatnight is the new home for players of the Fishycraft Minecraft server. Please bear with us through this transition, currently we are doing an entirely new site that should make it easier for us to communicate and share outside of Minecraft.

~ Treydun

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Sorry. Some server maintinance took longer than expected.

Cya later.

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I cant really describe how disappointed I am that mojang was bought by microsoft.  Something that so much of the community has put so much effort into, and that Ive put nearly two years into play and developing for.  Everything that microsoft touches turns to garbage.  No open source, no free server, no support, nothing that doesnt directly put cash in microsoft's hands.  Expect the only way to be able to play minecraft to be on an xbox live server on an xbox live subscription.  Anyway, cya all later.





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