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A friendly Minecraft community with a mature staff and NO Donations.

Hello! Welcome to Buildatnight.com

The homepage of a great Minecraft community! Currently during the 1.8 bukkit/spigot/sponge we are running a vanilla temporary map and our normal fully protected map.

IP of normal server with full protections (on 1.7.10 still)

IP of temporary 1.8 world

Remember the 1.8 world is vanilla which means you may get griefed. The world wont be kept when the normal world updates to 1.8

~ Treydun

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Wild Wednesdays on Plug.dj!

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Wild Wednesdays on Plug.dj!!!

Nothing to do on Wednesday nights? 

Well fear no more! Just come on plug.dj and enjoy some super funky

music all night long. What type of music is played? thats up to you, pick your favorite songs and pop them down

in your music playlist for others to enjoy!

Where do I go?

Come to http://plug.dj/buildatnight and hop straight into the party! And if your new to plug.dj, create an account

type BuildatNight in the search box.

Everyone is welcome on plug! Especially on Wednesday!

 Come join the party if your up for some good fun and great music.

I'll see yous on Wednesday!



Now on 1.8!

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After roughly an eternity our main server has finally been upgraded to 1.8!

Come join the race for temples!


Halloween 2014 (Hey dat rhymes)

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Despite a tumultuous time in minecraft history the players of Buildatnight are determined to press on and continue enjoying this game.

In first place!



A spooky ride filled with twists, turns and surprizes!

In VERY close second was



with a sometimes terrifying journey


Rounding up third is



with a scene right out of Nightmare before Christmas. Look out Jack!


Runners up



and Tristanofalls


(Yes I found it this time)



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