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Spring Contest 2016!

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Why hello there fellow BuildAtNight website member, we now have a new contest up for all to participate in. This time, it is the Spring contest!

Show off your beautiful ideas with builds, make sure they're as pretty as Spring flowers. 

Starts: 3/27/16 & Ends: 4/25/16

To get to this contest, type /t tp Flower, be sure to stand on a teleport pad, there is one at /Spawn!

The Categories

Send me a flower: Build something dedicated to the beauty of Spring flowers

* What is Spring really?: Build what Spring means to you!

*BEES!: Build something dedicated to the bees, they need it! (http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/26/world/un-bees-and-butterflies-report/)

Plots are 50x50 and as always, ask a staff member for a plot. If no staff members are on /ticket "may I have this plot please?" and stand in the plot!

Have a great Spring!


Some Updates

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Some updates were applied today that should fix some of the more annoying bugs we still had.

  • Sheep are shearable again!
  • Brewing stands should now work correctly
  • Hoppers should work correctly

Valentine's Day Contest 2016 Results!

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The contest reults are finally out, many builds inspired and left the staff in awe!

There were many great builds and the staff decided on two winners in one category, since there are a lot of forever alone builds 

So let's start off with that category then...

"A Hopeless Romantic"

The first winner of this category is ShikobaSky with her large and well-detaIled build!


The second winner of this category is FidgetyAtom. Fidgety Reenacted the boombox scene from "Say Anything" with an Enderman and Creeper, so cute!


The next category is "Big Love" and WizardBuilder took it literally!

This giant Queen of Hearts stole the heart of the staff and so it won this category!


Finally, the last category is "I Have a Crush" 

The winner of this category is Drizzt4291 not only is it a beautiful build, but there was a secret message inside...



Now onto the runner ups! The staff have decided to select two!


Though this build is extremely beautiful, it did not fit into the categories as well as the others did.



This build was very detailed, it was a close runner for the category "A Hopeless Romantic"

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. I am extremely proud to be a part of this incredible community.


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