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Technical Problems

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The issues with the server should be resolved.

Our host recently upgraded their data center and we have experienced a few unexpected technical glitches. I apologize for the problems this has presented. I understand how frustrating it is to be unable to work on the many projects we have going. 

If you have joined since april and you find your rank as "Guest" (Means you cant build or anything) please follow the "read rules" steps again. Then you can file a ticket to resolve any other issues

Beat the Wizard Contest!!!

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All-new Contest to test your Building Skills!  Can anyone beat WizardBuilder at his own game?!


What are the rules?!

  1. We want you to build a better Wizard than Wizardbuilder!  Show off your imagination with anything wizard-like!!  
  2. Remember, Wizardbuilder has their super awesome Wizard build already built for you so you can gauge your competition!
  3. Do not hesitate to ask for others to critique your own builds!  Learn new building techniques and get to use other blocks you've never really used before!
  4. Most importantly to have fun!! Do not stress out on Wizardbuilder's awesome skills!!  Cause seriously.. who else builds Wizards.. like Wizardbuilder....





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