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New Contest: Music!

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The wait is over! We now have a new contest!

This contest is all about Music! You can build anything as long as it is related to music. You can use any blocks, there are no limitations so be creative! To get to this contest type: /T Tp Music.The starting date for this contest is 4/11/15 and this contest will end on 5/1/15. The plots are 50x50 and everything on this contest was hand-made. This contest would have taken a lot longer for me to set up if I did not have help so thank you itskateee and xebright for helping me with plots and road setups. In this contest you can fly solo or team up with one other person in your plot. Each plot can have only 2 people maximum. Ask a staff member for a plot or if there are none on stand in the plot and make a ticket! /Ticket can I have a plot please. So get out there and build with your imagination!

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Whimsical Wools - Contest Results

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Another extremely difficult contest to judge. We had so many great entires! Often with contests a single screenshot cannot do the results justice. There are just too many faucets and dimensions. We encourage anyone to take a trip out to the contest area so that you can fully immerse yourself in the builds.

In a very tight first place was.
Below the dragon is extensive work around the roots. The wool box has been eroded and transformed with coal and meteor craters.


Claiming second place,
Its only fitting that a WizardBuilder build a wizard! The way this build flows demonstrates a great talent in statue structure and style. WizardBuilder also spent a while transforming the wool block into an earthy texture with blades of wool/glass grass.


Rounding out third place was
Draco not only transformed the wool into a wooly volcano scene, he also made use of the open air to add a floating rainbow, tree and dragon battle


The runners up this contest honestly deserved their own placements. The depth, creativity and thought that went into each one of the runner up builds was inspiring. Contests with this level of creativity are the most difficult to judge.
With an adorable rendition of the house in the movie Up.

A floating lighthouse and a pleasent pastel landscape, tied together with a trailling link. The base is also carved in beautifully.

Sadly not quite finished, deaths rework of the wool box was amazing.


Honorable mentions go to ConorISonfire, qumulater and MegaMackeO

Conorisonfire_0.png qumulater_0.png
Their smaller builds still contain a lot of style in a small space.



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