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Valentine's Day Contest 2016

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Can you feel the love tonight?

That's right we are hosting a Valentine's Day contest

Plots are 50x50 and once again, the categories are going to be announced...

Hopeless Romantic: No matter how much you try, you can't find that special someone (aka you're forever alone)

Big Love: You get so much love, you simply don't know what to do with it!

Idea from the Fleetwood Mac song-Big Love cheeky

And finally, I Have a Crush: Your love is starting to develop, but inside there's more (BE CREATIVE)

Contest Plots at /t tp love Ask a staff member for a plot, if none are on stand in a plot and type /ticket plot please

Starts: 1/18/16 & Ends: 2/29/16!



Winter Waltz 2015 Winners!

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After multiple judging discussions, the winners of the Winter Waltz contest have been decided!

We will start off with the results for the "A Wonderful Surprise" portion of the contest. These winners did in fact-surprise the judges!

KECrazy45 won a spot in this category by building an amazing wardrobe to Narnia. Not only does it fit our snowy theme, but it is also a classic~

Also receiving a place for winning this category is ShadaxSR!

He included a noteblock song of "Jingle Bells", this build is also nicely decorated, which always wins us over!

Next, we will move to the category "Where's Your Snowman" 

We saw many cute and awesome snowmen, but one really does stand out as original and creative!

The winner of this category is Lil_Moonstar with their spooky snowman!

Our Final category is A Wonky Wonder

This category required crazy, over-the-top builds!

The first winner of this category is WizardBuilder with his rooftop Santa!

The detail and time taken on this build is amazing and is truely a piece of art.

The second person who placed in this category is ConorYasss!

He built an ice castle with what I believe to be Articuno!

This build is pretty majestic looking, even if it is not Articuno. 

All of the winners did a MARVELOUS job on their builds! It warms my heart to see such dedication, time and effort spent on this server, and these builds. Thank you all! smiley

Now, for the runner ups!

The first runner up is MayorKT with her tree, presents and stocking. I wish mine didn't have coal!

The second runner up is SapphireWolf123 with her holiday mashup!

Her houses are not only unique, but well-detailed!

Thank you everyone who participated, I am extremely delighted by all of the builds and people who took their time to participate!

Happy Holidays and may 2016 bring you all joy and luck~



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