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Horse Race Winners!!

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Horse Race

Today, Maria hosted horse races! The results were stunning!

  • ItsKateee won the speed portion of the race with her trusty speed horse!
  • Orange_Dreamerz won the hurdles portion of the race with her amazing jumping horse!

Congrats to our two winners and thanks to the people who spectated and supported our racers!

Both the winners lapped the participants!!

Want to join the races? They're hosted at /visit horse on Fridays 2pm CT!

Come out to spectate, race, or support those who race!



Update Windows Now!

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A huge vulnerability in Microsofts font engine must be patched in all versions of windows immediately. See https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3079904 for more details. As always, dont visit unknown or untrusted sites. Especially until you have fully run windows update. If you dont know how, search microsofts site.


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A New Contest!!!  Omg can you like wrap up all your builds with some bacony goodness?

 This contest features the one and only SMagicBaconS!!  

Bring forth your bacon pride and impress her with builds of bacon!!!  

Ends August 9th, 2015!! (Bacon's Birthday is 6 days before this date)



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