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Hello! Welcome to Buildatnight.com

If you are a user of Fishycraft you have found the right place. Buildatnight is the new home for players of the Fishycraft Minecraft server. Please bear with us through this transition, currently we are doing an entirely new site that should make it easier for us to communicate and share outside of Minecraft.

~ Treydun

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Death of an Icon

Tonight we suffer the loss of an amazing mayor, SMagicBaconS, owner of Magicville, home of 76 residents. We were quite impacted by this loss but,

But of the ashes rose a pheonix!

SMagicBaconS felt like being a mayor was to much but was never ready to stop helping, and is now our brand new Guide. yep prepare to see magic with with blue and green instead of purple and gold as her new title. 

I hope we all have a great time with our new Guide,


The Arena Master's new creation

It looks like Valforia, BuildAtNight's no.1 Arena Builder, is building a new arena. This arena has a nature theme. So that means Val is gonna need alot of wood. 

Where is it? The arena is right next to WoodTown. It will be visible on the map at WoodTown's spawn.

What games will be held? It all depends. Hopefully there will be games like capture the flag, team deathmatch or even horse racing. 

What will it look like? It's themed with nature, so theres gonna be alot of wood and leaves used hopefully.

                                                                        I'm really looking forward for this arena. I hope yous are too!

Horses and there saddles

Has that notice been annoying you about how the portable saddle wouldn't work because they were outdated? Well don't worry about that anymore! The PortableHorses plugin has finally updated to our latest version of Minecraft, meaning that you can use your saddle and ride your horse safely.

An Important tip: Don't place your horse down at spawn! Your horse and the saddle will disappear. 

                                                                      Have a great day with your horse!


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