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Hello! Welcome to Buildatnight.com

If you are a user of Fishycraft you have found the right place. Buildatnight is the new home for players of the Fishycraft Minecraft server. Please bear with us through this transition, currently we are doing an entirely new site that should make it easier for us to communicate and share outside of Minecraft.

~ Treydun

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New Contest! Space!

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That's right everyone! A New contest is under way currently. The theme is space! It can be anything that relates to space, stars, planets, your favorite space video game, exc. The contest ends on August 29th though so hurry and get to work! 


Jails Contest Winners

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This contest was one of the most difficult to judge and full of surprises.

In First place was WizardBuilder.


wizardbuilder9_m.png wizardbuilder4_m.png wizardbuilder6_m.png wizardbuilder7_m.png

In Second place was 1999Ajh.



In Third place was Thak217 and Scorchdawg.


thak3_m.png thak8_m.png

Tied for Fouth is Shikoba_Sky and Sandwichking vs Walanna and Mirran in a fire vs ice duel!

skyandsand5_m.png walandmir4_m.pngskyandsand8_m.png walandmir2_m.png


Runners Up

Conorisnotonfire, Jorvisvb, exploding_heads and dracomew

conorisnotonfire_t.png jorisvb4_t.pngexplodingheads5_t.png dracoandcor_t.png

More than just Minecraft

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In case you didn't know Build At Night is more than just a minecraft server, we are a community who love to do things together and are great friends. We also offer two pages other then this forum, plug.dj, where you can party with other members of the server, sharing music and talking about all your favorite bands! 

We also have a tumblr page run by SMagicBaconS, tune in to check out all her posts on Featured Player of The Week and updates on the server from there.

We also have a steam group for those who want to play other games with people in the community with more multiplayer games!





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