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Hello! Welcome to Buildatnight.com

The homepage of a great Minecraft community! Currently during the 1.8 bukkit/spigot/sponge we are running a vanilla temporary map and our normal fully protected map.

IP of normal server with full protections (on 1.7.10 still)

IP of temporary 1.8 world

Remember the 1.8 world is vanilla which means you may get griefed. The world wont be kept when the normal world updates to 1.8

~ Treydun

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TravelPads are back!!

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TravelPads or 'tpads' were the main method of travel on fishycraft. They were removed long ago due to some bugs that have since been worked out.

For those unfamiliar or rusty the following is a brief guide on them.

Travelpads are like semi secret public homes. When you create and name a travel pad no one else knows the name. You can choose to give out the name to friends or everyone. People can also stand on it and type a command to get the name so if you want it kept private don't allow anyone access to it. You must be standing on a travel pad to teleport to another travel pad in the network.

Stand on any travel pad and type /t tp (nameofapad)
You must be holding a piece of redstone to teleport. (This is subject to change)
An example pad is at /t tp spawn and /t tp newbies

Getting the name of a pad
Stand on any pad and type /t i or /t identify and it will tell you the name of that pad

To create your own pad you will need the following

  1. Have achieved at least the rank of Builder
  2. At least $5000 which is the cost of a pad (Will be refunded if you delete the pad)
  3. 4 Brick Blocks
  4. 1 Obsidian Block

To begin place the 4 Brick blocks in a pattern like thisL_2015-01-14_03.38.46.png

Then place your obsidian in the center and right click on it


The travel pad will then transform and be ready for naming!

Type /t name (yourdesiredname)


Thats it! Now you can tell others to visit your pad with /t tp (yourpadsname)

For fast access to the Telepads network there is a pad at /spawn


Server Updates

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The server has been updated today, several things have changed so I will list them here.

  • Villager Farmers now work (Thanks MoarPizzaPls)
  • Depth Strider Enchantment now works
  • /visitregion (regionname) is now /visit and can also be used as /visit (player)
  • /invitetoregion (player) is now /invite (player)
  • The golden shovel doesnt double click instantly anymore

Banned for Multi-Accounting BUG

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Hello Buildatnighters!

Last night one of our plugins, the one responsible for banning, updated itself automatically to a new "development" version.

This development version was UNSTABLE and corrupted our bans database.

As a result several of our long term players were incorrectly categorized as banned players by the plugin.

If you are seeing a "Banned for multi-accounting" message and you are pretty sure you did nothing wrong please register an account on the forums here and let us know.

I am attempting to fix the problem so it should not happen to any other players.

If you are one of the players who found yourself affected by this bug I am sincerely sorry for any frustration or mental stress it put on you. This server and game is about having fun and letting go of the stress of the day. Not adding to it.

Thank you for understanding



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