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You heard right! There have been some rumors swirling about the possibility of a Pixelmon server launch in partner with BuildAtNight... Those rumors are correct! The server is now released, the IP and important information are herehttps://pixelmonbuildatnight.wordpress.com/

If you do not know how to set up your Beta Launcher check out this tutorial here https://pixelmonbuildatnight.wordpress.com/2016/08/

Bans are carried over.

Happy Hunting 

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"Kitty's Korner!" Contest is Over!!

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Hooray!  Another exciting contest has finally ended!  Stay tuned for the results at the end of this week, maybe?  I do not honestly know since it will depend on the judges to deliver their top votes!! 

Later on, we will have the next contest up!  The specifics will be carried out in another news, but all i can say now that it will be a Survival Challenge, which means you all have to produce it in our main server!! 



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