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I keep hearing about it, what is it?!

Discord is a voice and text chat for our server! 

There are a few channels to choose from!

18+ (Mature Chat/Cursing Allowed): https://discord.gg/0fHbozgAEql1XkNA

18- (Minimal to No Cursing): https://discord.gg/0fHbozgAEqn3fUGQ

Global Text Chat: https://discord.gg/0fHbozgAEqlq5aFq

Help From Staff Chat (Requesting Emergency Help Only): https://discord.gg/0fHbozgAEqmQbddx

Once you join, claim your username, its simple and secure! I will add each individual as a member when I see they have logged!

The purpose of this is to spread friendship among our community even more!




Halloween 2015 Results!

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After a long wait, the contest results are finally in!

There are three categories to this contest, along with some runner ups.

The categories were: Most Creative, Spookiest and Most Impressive (wow factor).

The Winners Are...

The player who built the most creative build was MariaLeaves!

Creating the spookiest scariest skeleton's... house was MegaMackeO!

The player who wowed the judges with the level of detail and won the title of "Most Impressive" was Sodapoppy!

Now, for the runner ups

AgentPug007 demonstrated pure determination with a mini rollercoaster and other fun surprises!

ConorYass made a pumpkin girl, her identity remains a mystery to this day!

FidgetyAtom is the final runner up, they created a build collage including a hot air pumpkin and a hay maze!

A big thanks to everyone who participated, it's a pleasure to judge so many great builds!


(Recruiter) and (Youtuber)

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Some may ask, what is going on? A new rank and an old one making a comeback? YES, That is correct! The BuildAtNight staff are happy to introduce a chance for the players to APPLY for these ranks!


What is a Youtuber? What are the requirements?
A youtuber is someone who posts regular youtube videos of/about our server! 
Some examples of the types of videos you can post are:



*Basic Gameplay

What are the requirements?

The Youtuber rank does have an age limit, and that is 15+.
You must have at least 10 videos prior to receiving the rank
You must make at least 2 videos per month
To keep the rank you have to show interest and tons of EFFORT.
You must be at least Tier 1 (Miner, Architect, Techie)
Being active is key to this rank.

Now onto Recruiter, this rank requires the player to bump posts in a manner that is not spammy.
You must be 15+
In order to have this rank you must behave maturely, not only are you representing our server,
you are also representing Treydun and the server staff.
Bump at least 1 post a day from these three sites: 

Mc Advertising List

Planet Minecraft

Minecraft Forum

Don't just say bump, but add a message. Something along the lines of "more players joining means more community" is fine!
Bump daily, I want to see EFFORT, Be somewhat active on our server too!
ALL applications from players Tier 1 and up will be equally considered. 
There is a staff applications section in the forums section for these 2 ranks.



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